Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How a Princess Became a Queen

Once Upon a Time, in a home a long, long time ago, a cute little chubby-legged girl playfully crawled all over her house making mischeif where ever she went. Her parents thought she was so cute, pulling up on the coffee table and digging around in the Christmas gifts. What a little trouble maker! Nudge nudge, smile smile.

And the Princess of Destruction was born.

Fast forward a year and a half. The chubby-legged baby is now a skinny two year old. A very strong-willed two year old, who, every now and then, makes me long for the days when Aidan was two. In the last two weeks, Harper has:

-climbed out of her crib every night, multiple times at bedtime. I spend about an hour putting her back in her bed every night before she finally falls asleep.

-woken up, almost daily, before 6am. It is not unusual for me, lately, to wake up to a little voice next to my bed saying "Good morning, Mommy. Harper get out of bed."

-climbed out of her bed at night and eaten half a tube of Desitin cream.

-climbed out of her bed at night and, with Emerson, unwrapped and used an entire package of bandaids all over their bodies.

-climbed out of her bed at night, stripped her clothes and diaper off, and smeared an entire tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste all over her naked body, face, and hair.

- climbed out of her bed, changed out of her pajamas and into a sundress and sandals, and then climbed back into her bed.

-woken up pre-6am, gone down to the pantry, and poured an entire bottle of dried oregano all over the floor, herself, and her beloved blankie. My vaccuum now smells like oregano FOREVER.

- Done all of this while her Daddy has been out of town, leaving her Mommy and her MoMo to deal with the carnage.

Keep in mind, my house is covered in all manner of baby gates and child-proof plastic doorknobs. They are no match for this girl. Unless my memory decieves me, I just don't remember the boys being like this. I even looked back at the blog from 2008, and chuckled at how I thought the boys were so crazy because they ate M&Ms one morning before I woke up.

I feel I should somehow go back in time and warn the Mandy of 2008 what's in store for her.


Candice said...

This sort of makes me hope I have a boy! :) But that sweet face is too cute!

Anonymous said...

I used to know a little girl who woke up at exactly 6 EVERY morning.... The FIRST time she got out of her baby bed by herself was the LAST time she ever slept in a baby bed..... Her parents loved her very much...

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness! You have your hands full with number four! :)

Sheila said...

Your number 4 sounds a lot like my number 4. Together, those 2 could fight crime!