Sunday, July 10, 2011

I've Been a Bad, Bad Blogger...

But I have some really good excuses.

Brandon got home last week, confiscated his smart phone from my grubby little Words-With-Friends playing hands, and forced me to get my own WWF account. OutnumberedMandy has been more than a little enthralled with the newest toy, and more than a little frustrated with what WWF does not consider actual words. Puker? Totally a word. I use it every day at work. Ga? Absolutely. Oz? Come on, now. Jem? SHE'S TRULY OUTRAGEOUS, PEOPLE!

When I'm not obsessively playing online Scrabble games (or doing productive things, like playing with the kids, folding laundry, feeding people, etc.), I have been feeding my other newest addiction: Friday Night Lights.

I would just like to take a moment and thank the good people at Netflix for having all 63 episodes of FNL available online for my viewing pleasure. Has anyone else seen this show? More importantly, WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS SHOW BEFORE?? I am in love with the entire make-believe town of Dillon, Texas. I want to move there, except it doesn't actually exist. Brandon refuses to watch a single episode. I don't think I sold the whole "Texas high school football show with bad accents and LOTS of cheesy plot lines" thing. I'm a third of the way through the series, and I am a Panther fan for life.

Harper girl has had a rough week. Tuesday she started having a nasty cough, and by Wednesday a 103 fever had joined it. Thursday saw us at the pediatrician, with an ear infection, bronchitis, and about 4 different medications, including breathing treatments. Friday and Saturday her fever persisted, and we were blessed with a couple of vomiting episodes and a very weary little girl. Sunday morning we took another trip to the pediatrician for a new antibiotic, a steroid, and another breathing medication thrown in. In between all the breathing treatments, the waking up in the middle of the night to feed Harper her Motrin without accidently choking her in her sleep, and the vomiting, we've been having lots of long days at our house, letting Harper rest and trying not to share her germs with all of our friends.

The glamourous life of a mommy of four.

On a completely unrelated note, my sister will be having a baby on Friday. (YAY!) I'm a teensy bit excited. She will need some help from you, dear readers, to name the blog that she will start. (Hey, Lindy. You have to start a blog now because I live so very far away and I need to see pictures of baby Nora on a near daily basis. Love you.)

Another thing I need some input on: We are taking a brief vacation (3-4 days) next month. We had thought about going to Great Wolf Lodge, but I'm having second thoughts. Not sure I want to spend so much money, and then still have to pay for meals. I'm sure the boys would L-O-V-E it, but I see myself spending the better part of three days sitting in a kiddie pool with my eyes glued to Harper and Emerson while the boys run around and play. Any thoughts from anyone who has gone before? Is it worth it? If not, what should we do instead?


Kay said...

I love wwf also.... I can't believe they won't take queso, but they take qi.

Near Daily Nora.

Arrie said...

I am also OBSESSED with Friday Night Lights. Best TV show ever!

Megan said...

FNL is the best. I watched the first 4 seasons in the span of about 3 weeks - No Lie! I bought the last season on DVD as soon as it was released and shipped in to Singapore. Texas Forever!

I have thought about going to Great Wolf Lodge many times, but heard it was geared towards a little bit older children - let us know if you liked it! We have always gone to the Hill Country Hyatt and it is a super place for kids of all ages.

Emily said...

We went to the Great Wolf lodge earlier this year, and we really enjoyed it.
BUT, my kids are 13 and 9.
Amber's kids are 5 and 2, and it was very overwhelming for them. It is extremely loud, the kids run all over the place playing a find and seek game throughout the lobby and lower levels. The waterpark is geared to those who are 6+. There isn't a good place for the little ones. They have opened the new aquarium and LEGO discovery land at Grapevine Mills though, and the girls would love the aquarium. There is also the American Girl doll store at the Galleria, and I know Harper and Emerson just love baby dolls.... Let us know when ya'll are in town. Would love to see you.

The Beasley's said...

I'm so sad we've finished FNL. It was the best show ever. I bought my husband a "Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose" shirt. They have a Texas Forever one, too! I bought him another one, but I'm not sure you're far enough along in the series for me to tell you what it says :) I've talked to everybody about FNL, and I really haven't run into anyone that doesn't love it!!!