Friday, July 29, 2011

Rambling Woman Needs Coffee. And Maybe A Topic.

I feel like I should post something.



Even if I got nothin.


If for no other reason, than to just get back into the bloggy-swing of things. I miss blogging, and I think the month of August will bring with it lots of memories, photo ops, and hopefully very few opportunities for complete destructiveness of person and property by a certain two year old little girl.

I reminded Brandon again yesterday that I needed him to blog a bit about his Kenya trip, since, you know, I WASN'T ON IT. It's been a bit delayed because I have been parusing about 4000 pictures taken by other people on the trip, that have since been posted to Facebook.

I've been working quite a bit, and work has been going fabulous. As in, I haven't been this happy at work EVER, kind of fabulous. As in, I have to stop and think for several minutes to come up with a single negative thing about work right now. Smart doctors. Friendly nurses. Nicer than usual patients. Sonic ice in the ice machine. Free coffee. A good boss. Air conditioner set to 72. An ambulance company brought us carrot cake cupcakes the other day. It's like I'm working in a mythical emergency room, that you hear about but doesn't really exist.

We decided where we're going on our Family Roadtrip Vacation next month, and I'm pretty excited about getting out of town for a bit. Hopefully the kids will have a great time. It's a lot of time on the road, and I'm hoping that the lasting memory my kids have of this trip is not all the time they spent playing Nintendo DS in the back of the van.

I feel this is the opportune time to share with you a few random, blurry, overexposed pictures of my children on a swing set:

I'm sure this is enriching your day as much as it is enriching mine.

You thought I was kidding when I said "I got nothing." I wasn't.

I'm pretty sure, between the six of us, that we have spent more time in doctor's offices than outside this summer. And I shudder to think of the money we have spent on doctors, copays, and prescriptions. There's a certain opthamologist taking his kids to Disney World because of us. We've had corneal transplants, rabies vaccinations, a very sick Harper girl, 4 well child visits, and dentist appointments. Next week Aidan has to go in to get a "sugar bug cavity" filled at the dentist with Brandon while I am at work. He's getting laughing gas for the procedure, and I am very nervous about how it will go. Will he freak out at the laughing gas and refuse to wear the mask? Will he scream when he gets the numbing medicine? Will Brandon have to hold him down? Will he freak out when he hears the drill? Say a little prayer for the A-Man on Tuesday!

We've redone the kids' rooms a bit, and I keep wanting to post "before and after" pictures, but they're just not finished yet. We still need to get a few things up on the boys' walls, and just when I thought I had finished the girls' room, Harper ripped the curtain rod out of the wall and pulled some of the cute decorations off the wall, some of which we still can't find. How does one lose a big, pink glittery "E"? One day it was on the wall over Emerson's bed, the next day it was gone. Gone. Not on the floor, not behind the bed, not in the closet. It appears to have vanished completely. Hopefully sometime before summer is over I will FINALLY finish these rooms that I started working on sometime in June.

Maybe I can post "before and almost-finished" pictures.