Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Because I'm Ready for Some Football

A couple of weeks ago, the moment that Dane and Aidan have been waiting for for MONTHS finally happened.

The start of flag football season.

The endless nights of running plays with Daddy in the backyard, the hours spent watching college and NFL games, all the drama during the Madden tournaments would soon pay off.

The rookie had a great first game playing for the Texans ,

proving himself to be a bit of a determined defensive powerhouse amoungst the 6 and 7 year olds, pulling four flags in four quarters.

And it goes without saying that he's a pretty big fan of the eye-black. (Sidenote: the players name the teams, and all but a few of the teams in the league are named the Texans. It makes cheering simple.)

Dane is playing with many of the same boys that he has played with the previous two seasons. They were dominating their age bracket last year, so this fall the team of mostly 7 year olds is playing against the 8 and 9 year old teams. Dane's usually one of the smallest guys on the field when he's playing against kids his own age, and this season will be no exception.

Dane got chosen as a team captain this week and was on the field for the cointoss. And yes, Harper helped with the cointoss as well. Dane's coach, Coach K, is standing on the right side of this picture in the red shirt, and I don't have enough good things to say about this man.

Coach K has been coaching this little group of boys since last fall, when his son Zion was on the team. At some point Coach K realized that he was put on this earth to be a volunteer flag football coach. Now he coaches the team, holds additional practices for the ones that want to come, and his son Zion? Well, Zion decided he wanted to play tennis instead of football this year. Now Coach K coaches this team of little boys (who ADORE him), and his own son plays tennis.
Dane's team (the Firebolts, by the way. It's possible my Harry Potter fanatic was involved in the name selection) is working on learning a few new offensive plays, and just like last year, Dane's happy place on the team is on defense, rushing the quarterback and chasing down anyone on the field with a football.

I'm excited about these upcoming Saturdays...kicking back in my camping chair, doling out fruit and snacks to the little sisters while their brothers run around the field and their father yells something about "staying home" and "watch the blitz".

Happy Football Season everyone.


Brand al Thor said...

Just a couple of quick corrections...the boys fight over NCAA College Football 2005 (That's how cheap we are!), not Madden. And Coach K is the guy on the right side of the screen in the red shirt (The black dude) - and I confirm that he is awesome!