Tuesday, October 11, 2011

State Fair 2011

Got one checked off of the Bucket List!

Last week we took our (almost) annual pilgrimage up to the State Fair of Texas. I finally had a chance to look at the 30oish pictures, and I thought I would take a moment to list my favorite moments from State Fair 2011. In no particular order:

1. Cousin time at Pappy and MoMo's house.

Okay, so this technically wasn't AT the fair, but my kids love seeing all of their cousins.

I would like to take a moment to point out that when I lived there, we were never allowed to throw footballs in the downstairs living room,

and there was definitely never a slide in the upstairs playroom.

I'm pretty sure Pappy and MoMo have lost complete control over the situation.

2. Emerson's first Fletcher's corny dog.

I don't think this picture requires further explanation.

3. The boys' "big ride", where, surprisingly, Aidan had a blast and Dane was scared. to. death. Terrified. Like one more thing to discuss in therapy someday, terrified.

It was one of those pirate ship rides that swings back and forth and makes you feel like you are going to fall out of.

4. Aidan's big win.

Brandon took the boys to play a few Midway games while the rest of us visited the petting zoo, and I missed the ball toss. Harper thinks this tiger is hers now.

5. The food we ate. Fletcher's corny dogs, Jack's french fries, a funnel cake to share, and a Pineapple Whip for everyone, because no one shares their Pineapple Whip.

A couple of members of our party were even guilty of partaking in a second Pineapple Whip.

6. The food we didn't eat. Y'all. I so had my heart set on one of those peeled fried potato things that just end up as one long twisty pile of fried potato goodness on your plate, but we left before I got a chance to partake. The fair was CROWDED on the day we went. So, so crowded, and I don't enjoy the crowds at all. We were so not enjoying the crowds that we left the fair before I got a twisty potato thing and before Brandon got this fried cheeseburger thing:

Fried pickles. Fried cheese. Onion rings. Fried green tomatoes. And beef.

But look! It has lettuce on it so it must be healthy.

7. My mother's belly bag.

Like Big Tex himself, my mother's belly bag has been a State Fair staple for as long as I can remember. She packs it the night before, and wears it with pride. She wears it so she "doesn't have to haul around a big purse." Which is ironic, because my entire family roamed around the fair as a big group, with 8 adults, 7 children, 2 double strollers, and 2 single strollers. But thank goodness MoMo had her belly bag so she didn't have to haul her purse around. Years from now, my siblings and I will squabble over who gets the antique dining room furniture, mom's jewelry, and the thousands of pictures from our childhood. But I gaurentee that Lindy is the only one who will want that belly bag.

7. Chasing Harper around the petting zoo.

What do you get when you take a bunch of farm animals, a few exotic animals you have never heard of, approximately 300 people, and Harper and toss them in a building on a warm afternoon in Dallas? Mass chaos, and a mommy who just chases Harper around the room, trying to keep her from licking the hand sanitizer from the little stations she was so enthralled with. There's a zebra 6 feet from her, and she was more interested in the hand sanitizer.

8. Little kid rides.
This is one I didn't get to see, because I was too busy watching my boys try not to fall out of the Pirate Ship of Death. But I think the littles had a good time on the airplanes.
And I'm not sure, but I think Emerson might have seen her Uncle John and his camera here.

Crowds and all, I LOVE the State Fair, and I am so glad we got the chance to go up and enjoy all that the fair had to offer (except for that twisty potato thing) with my family. See you next year, Big Tex!


Anonymous said...

Clearly MoMo and Pappy have better grandchildren than they do children.... I bet they still don't let their children throw the football in the living room, and I'm sure they won't let their children on that slide. I heard their youngest daughter had a curfew from the time she was four.
Great parents, even better grandparents.