Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Morning Funnies

I know I've mentioned this here before, but our boys routinely wake up before we do in the morning, and feel no need to include us in their morning activities. Here are a few things they have been doing in the wee hours of the morning lately:

--Dane changed Aidan's diaper the other day before we woke up. Normally, Aidan wakes up waddling around in about 4 pounds of sogginess before being changed. The other day, he was dry. "Dane tanged my diap-o" was the explanation we were given. And he did a pretty good job of it, I might add. The offending diaper made it's way into the trash can, and the new diaper was properly applied, with the front in the front, and the back in the back. Pretty impressive.

--We have a container of change that has been on our kitchen counter for a couple of weeks now. There are 3 or 4 rolls of coins, and some more loose change in the bottom. This morning, Brandon ventured downstairs to find every coin unwrapped and on the living room floor. The boys were very excited about finding money to play with and put in Dane's treasure box. They got in trouble for that one.

--Dane knows how to put a show on to watch TV in the mornings. This doesn't sound like much of a challenge, except when you consider it involves 2 remote controls, and finding the show he wants to watch on the TiVo list and playing it.

On another note, Aidan had his Valentines Day party at school yesterday. When I asked him what he did at his party, all I got was "I got candy." He has no idea what Valentines Day is (I'm not entirely sure either, come to think of it), he just know's there's candy involved.

I haven't been able to get spell check to work for the last few days. Sorry.


BrooksFamily said...

This is better then reality tv!! You have two of the more precious little boys! Thanks for the stories!