Saturday, February 23, 2008

Picnic Surprise

Today (Saturday) was a BEAUTIFUL day. Not a cloud in the sky, with a temperature of 60. I love Houston in February. Brandon, the boys, and I started the morning off by cleaning the upstairs and getting the bathrooms nice and clean, and then we got the boys dressed and headed outside. They rode their scooters (Brandon's really gotten too big for his scooter), played basketball, and played on their backyard swingset for about an hour. We decided we would take a little walk around to our neighborhood park for a picnic and some more playground time. We loaded up the wagon with lunches, drinks, the blanket, and the little brother and headed off to the park. Dane rode his scooter all the way to the park, as he is too much of a man to be seen riding in a wagon like some pansy.

We arrive at the park, set up our picnic, and Dane is halfway through his Doritos when I notice peeking out from the leg of his loose little soccer shorts this item, sticking out the leg of his underwear:

I am not kidding. I almost choked on my turkey sandwich I was laughing so hard. What is this item, you ask? It is a battery-operated, light up magnifier that fits on a circa 1992 Game Boy. It's not super tiny, and it was hangin' out in Dane's underwear for half the day. He had ridden scooters with it there, played basketball, played on the swingset, and scooted all the way to the park with this in the back of his undies the whole time. This is to date the weirdest thing he has ever stuck in his underwear.
I guess we need to start checking him for random household items and electronics before leaving for church or school in the mornings. I wouldn't want to get a note from his teacher.

Do little girls do weird stuff like this, too?


Jared said...

Mandy, I'm dying laughing....that's the most disturbingly funny thing I've read today...and I just read John's blog.

Brand al Thor said...

Typical male - he put an image magnifier in his pants!

Rebecca said...

Actually yes they do! I have found magnets, puzzle pieces, whatever. It is always a suprise in more ways than one.