Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Duper

Best Super Bowl EVER. Loved it. The only thing that would have made it better would have been seeing Tom Brady cry. There's always next year, though. And My Peyton's brother is the MVP. Best Super Bowl EVER.

We went to Val and Izzy's to watch the big game tonight, lots of fun and food and assorted dips were had by all. Dane, Aidan, and their new friend Keaton spent the evening playing hide-n-seek with Val. This is where Val hides under a blanket, or under the pool table, or in Joel's closet, and 15 minutes later when the kids have remembered that they are playing, they find her. Then they start all over again. And Aidan decided to try a sip of Val's homemade Sangria when he was alone in the kitchen. He, too, thought it was the Best Super Bowl EVER. He just doesn't remember why. (Calm down, it was just a little sip he snuck from the kitchen counter. It wasn't like we fed it to him during commercial breaks. By the way, the commercial where the girl's heart jumps out of her chest and bounces across the office--disgusting. And I'm an ER nurse.)

Tomorrow Baby Joel is coming over to play while Val goes to work, so we will play a rousing game of "Don't Squish/Hit/Tackle/Run Over/Feed Baby Joel" all day. Pray for him tomorrow.


BrooksFamily said...

I LOVE THESE UPDATES!!! You tell it all so well :) You're boys are a blast! Can't wait till we can get down their again to watch it all live :)

velvet said...

Cute post. Love keeping up with you guys. I'm certain there is never a dull moment in your household, and I bet Val is one of the coolest moms ever.