Monday, February 11, 2008

Wedding Weekend #1

We made a trip up to the Dallas area this past weekend to participate in a wedding of a sweet young lady who used to be in our youth group. (We are getting OLD!) This is the first wedding this year that we are going to--there will be several others. Here is a cute shot of the personalized Jones sodas they had for us at the Rehearsal Dinner. What a creative idea! We had a great time at the wedding, which is suprising, because sometimes we go to be polite and then can't wait to leave. (That was not the case this time). It was so fun to see so many familiar faces, and to have a chance to get caught up with some old friends who we haven't seen in a while. Good food (I love it when there's the little rolls and the guy slicing meat) and good fellowship. Can't beat that. And I didn't even have to dance. There's perks to having the reception in a Baptist Church! The wedding and reception was at First Baptist Dallas, which is a really cool, huge building. Renovations have been done over time, so they have just added the "new part" to one of the outside walls of the old building, so when you're walking around, you see the old brick outside part of the old building as one of the internal walls. And Brandon and the guys got to go exploring instead of pretending to be excited about cake-cutting and boquet tossing. Built in entertainment for the guys! Thank you Stewart and Hemmings families for including us in the special day.

We also had a chance this trip to see some old friends of ours, Tommy and Rhonda and their 2 kids, Josh and Maegan. Brandon and Tommy have been close friends since middle school, and they all went to school with Rhonda, also. Tommy was the guy I ended up dating for a while in high school, so it's kind of funny that we are all still friends! We had a great time visiting and eating and seeing their new house, and Dane and Aidan got to play with Josh quite a bit. As you can tell from this picture, Aidan's face gets a wee bit chapped every time we leave the 90% humidity that is Houston. He's just not cut out for dry weather!
Here is our attempt at getting a picture of the 3 boys on the couch. Picture time was much easier about a year ago when everyone was just a little less mobile. Brandon and Tommy are still trying to figure out how we can all live in the same town when the boys are in high school so they can all play on the football team together. I think it would be funny if they all got older and wanted to be in the marching band. (They wouln't be allowed to.)
There was also a special treat for Dane and Aidan from Andy this weekend. TOMAHAWKS! Yay! I love it when my boys' collection of "weapons" just grows and grows! (Andy, Dane wants to tell you he's sorry for rubbing your head and waking you up Sunday morning mere hours after you had gone to sleep. At least he wasn't kissing you while you slept this time.)
We also got a chance to see Grammy and GranDoug this weekend and go to church with them and have potluck lunch. We had a great time, and a very busy and tiring weekend. Hope you had a great weekend, also.


Brand al Thor said...

You left a "d" out of a wouldn't somewhere in there...just thought you should know - I love you.