Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Dane!

I have a five year old.

It just happened Monday, and I'm not quite sure what I think about it yet.  Basically, I can't stop thinking that kindergarten is just right around the corner and these days are numbered.  These days where we sleep until the kids wake us up and we have a leisurely breakfast in our pajamas, then they watch TV until we leave to go on an adventure together or I have to break up a wrestling match in the living room.  These days of lunches together, coloring with markers, and playing Memory while Aidan naps.  He knows how to get his own cereal and milk, and doesn't need a sippy cup any more and just got his first shoes with laces so he can learn how to tie them himself.  Next year he'll be going to college.  Every night we pray with him and he prays for us and thanks God for my aunt and uncle and for their hospitality, and prays that the baby sister in his mommy's tummy will grow healthy and strong.  Soon he won't want us in his room.  He'll want his own cell phone so he can text during school.

These dadgum pregnancy hormones are killing me, people.  

Moving on to the "3 Days of Dane's Birthday".  (Remind me to tell you sometime about my sister's month long birthday celebrations.  Think weddings back in Biblical times when the party just. never. stopped.)

Sunday ("Day 1 of Dane's Birthday"):  We had our 3rd Annual Joint Birthday Party with Wilson.  We have this down to a science.  Both boys are best friends about 3/4 of the time, and both have December birthdays.  So a few years ago we started having the parties at home (Wilson's home this year for obvious reasons).  Since we were at home, we could invite as many people as we wanted without having to pay for extra people, like we would have to if we were at Chuck E. Cheese or somewhere.  We rented a moonwalk, have a few snacks, each boy gets their own cake, and we split the party expenses.  Genius.  

This is what happens when you put 15 little boys in a moonwalk.  Teams form, and ground rules are established.  Then battle begins.  (Dane is to your far left.)
A quick side story for this picture:  Brandon's high school youth party was last Friday night, and during the gift exchange, I ended up with some SWEET fake arm sleeve tattoos that he promptly stole from me.  Now Dane wants a tattoo for his 6th birthday.
Dane has been alive for 5 years and we are just now figuring out that he does not like cake.  So he got a cookie cake this year, and it was a big hit.  And his hair is not styled like this, he's just really sweaty in this picture.

Monday ("Day 2 of Dane's Birthday" or "Dane's Real Live Birthday"):  With the big party behind us, Dane, Aidan and I set off for the morning to Pump It Up to take advantage of a 2-for-1 coupon.  

Because nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a 2-for-1 coupon.

If you are not familiar, Pump It Up is a massive indoor play area filled with inflatable moonwalks, giant slides, and obstacle courses.  It's a great place for the kids to run off some energy for an hour or so.  And we never go, so this was a special treat for the boys.  After that, we headed to CiCi's to take advantage of another coupon ("Free Kid's Buffet").  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Dane loves CiCi's, and a couple of quarters for the otherwise neglected video games made it a special birthday treat.  

We left CiCi's just in time to catch Santa at the mall before he headed off on his lunch break.  I mean, before he left to go check on his sleigh and feed his reindeer.  And, well, Santa's running quite the racket.  They lady in front of us in line bought a $45 photo package of her precious daughter with Santa.  

$45???  Are you kidding me?  I brought my Rebel, and took a couple of pictures for nothing.

Dane was actually a little shy with Santa.  He didn't tell him anything, he just kind of looked at him awkwardly.
Aidan, however, had some ground to cover with Santa.  He made his wishes clear (a "monster truck with flames"), and even made a case for his good behavior.

Day 2 wrapped up with Brandon getting off of work early, and lots of playing with birthday party-acquired toys.

Tuesday ("Day 3 of the Birthday that Never Ends") included a pizza party at school.  Dane's class is only about 8 kids, so they were treated to cheese pizza, juice boxes, and Nerds candy.  The menu was selected by Dane himself.  And when Little Ceasar's advertises their pizza as being "Hot and Ready, no wait", they are lying.  Big fat liars.  Nonetheless, lunch was served, and a good time was had by all.

Quick Dane story:  A few weeks ago, Dane informed us that he had a girlfriend at school:  Marisa.  He explained to us that as his girlfriend, Marisa held hands with him and played with him on the playground.  Brandon promptly informed Dane that he was not allowed to have a girlfriend until college, and he would have to tell Marisa that they could just be friends.  

Day after day, Dane conveniently "forgot" to tell Marisa that it was over.  Until last week.  We picked the boys up, and Dane informed us that he told Marisa that he was not allowed to have a girlfriend, and they could just be friends.  

"That's great, Dane", Brandon told him.

"But I still love her, Dad." proclaimed the BMOC.

Happy Birthday, Dane-O!


John said...

It's a bit cruel to make Dane follow his father down his path of dating.