Monday, December 8, 2008

His Mother's Child

This is the conversation I had with Dane on the way home from church yesterday:

Me:  Dane, what did you learn in church today?
Dane:  I learned about when Jesus was born.
Me:  Tell me about when Jesus was born.
Dane:  Gabe-er-eee-al (Gabiel, to the rest of us) came to Mary and told her that she was going to have a new baby!  And to name him Jesus.  Then Mary went to the stable in Bethlehem and did what God told her to do.  And when Jesus was 13 he got lost and his parents were very worried about him.  And then Jesus grew up and he got the 12 disciples.  Disciples are people you teach things to.  And, actually, what are we having for lunch?

Apparently, much more than the "Jesus was born" story was covered in Dane's class yesterday.

And the fact that he went straight from Jesus to lunch plans proves once and for all that he is indeed my boy.


Janna, Brennan and Lyndlee said...

loved this story, hope you are all doing well!!