Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Pictures I Don't Think I have Posted

I ran across a few pictures in the ole' "2008" file that I didn't think I had posted yet.  This one is Dane, Aidan, and cousin Zane back when baby Zane was a little baby, clearly not the man he is now.  They turned out surprisingly well for my children.
Here are a few more pictures from my sister's wedding last month.  And, proof that there was indeed a bride and a groom at the wedding in addition to my children.
I hope she gains 40 pounds when she gets pregnant and never loses it.
I mean, I love you, Sister.

I love the streamers.  So pretty, and Andy and Lindy were completely tangled up in them by the time they got to their super-cool Porsche. 

Grammy and GranDoug made it to the wedding to help child-wrangle.  Do you think Dane knows where the camera is at all times?
And, of course, Aidan with his signature pose: