Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brief Break and an Update

I finally sent my broken Mac in to have the screen repaired, and I should have it back by this time next week, so my computer access is a bit limited until then. Perhaps I'll take up a hobby in the meantime. Like sewing or basketweaving. I'll let you know how that works out.

Also, I was just looking at the picture I have at the top of my blog and thinking how that family looks nothing like us now. Gone is the wicked tan I got for a wedding I went to in July. The 2 and 4 year olds in the picture are now 3 and 5, and I have an almost-7-month baby belly now. (Okay, some of the belly is cheeseburgers. But a lot of it is baby.) And the tree behind me in the picture doesn't stand there anymore, because it crashed through our house a few months ago. And the backyard? Our family hasn't seen it since September.

We expect to be back in our house "within a month", as our contractor has been telling us for the last 2 weeks. We'll see. Brandon has been picking out tile for our new remodeled master shower, and they tell us insulation and drywall will go in this week sometime. Over the next few weeks we will be deciding on things like what refrigerator to buy (any suggestions? We are not going with stainless steel.) and picking out a new mattress and furniture for our bedroom. This should be more fun than it is, but frankly, we weren't wanting to redecorate. The majority of our worldly possessions still live in a storage facility, and TiVo, we miss you most of all.

So that's a bit of what's going on. The kids are back in school and loving it, and Brandon went back to work this week after an almost 2 week break. I'm off to work on my basketweaving now, I'll catch you on my "new" Mac!


The Driskells said...

Hey, I need you to email me so I can share some pics with you. My mom found some very old pictures of us, sitting on some scary 70's couches! : ) Kara