Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's been a bit since I last posted, and since I have nothing insightful to say, I thought a basic list of ramblings would be appropriate.

--Aidan was sick over the weekend, and I had to keep him home from church Sunday.  That child cried and fussed for almost 2 hours Sunday because he wanted to go to church and "see all his friends".  He will be the one I am tempted to ground from youth group when he is a teenager.  (As the wife of a high school youth minister, DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED on this practice.)

--Dane has been really sweet lately to his baby sister.  He will hug me, then hug my tummy, and talk to the baby.  He felt the baby kick the other day and the child was beside himself with excitement.  He asked me if God had made her feet yet.  Yesterday he put his ear to my tummy and said, "I heard my baby sister say Dane!  Dane!"

--Speaking of the big brothers, Aidan is convinced that he, too, has a baby in his tummy.  When he wasn't feeling well this past weekend, he was convinced it was because the baby in his tummy was angry.  He also prays for his mythical baby when he prays at night.

--I got Mac back from the Mac screen people and he is as good as new!  Yay!  I am typing this from a chair in the living room, not connected to a giant monitor screen.

--My house has walls inside now.  Not painted walls, but walls nonetheless.  Have I mentioned Brandon's shower remodel?  Allow me to explain.  Our master bathroom was built with a ridiculously small shower, next to a nice big bathtub, all along the back wall of our bathroom.  When the giant tree from our backyard decided to become an indoor house plant last September, we decided to not replace the bathtub and to make the shower much bigger.  The plan is for the shower to run the entire 8 feet or so of the back wall, be about 4 feet wide, with a 6 foot high "wall" in front of it, with an open doorway type thing on the opposite end from the shower head.  Are you picturing it?  It should be really nice if it comes together.  And Brandon will tile it himself after we move in.  All of this has proved to be a bit tricky to communicate to the various people working on various parts of our bathroom over the last couple of weeks.  For example, last week, Brandon went up to the house and a closet had basically been built where our shower was supposed to be.  Completely walled off, with a doorway.  And no light.  Interesting concept, no?  But it's coming together now.  Watch for "before and after" pictures of our new shower coming Summer 2009.
--Have you heard?  Apparently there is an inauguration scheduled.  I have a feeling I will hear the phrase "History in the Making" once or twice from the news media today.

--I guess I haven't mentioned it lately, but I am feeling fine, and the pregnancy is trucking along relatively incident-free.  Brandon even has mentioned that I am slightly less whiney (whiny?  I whine less) than I have been with previous pregnancies.  I passed my glucose test with flying colors, my blood pressure is perfect, and yesterday at my doctor's appointment she mentioned to me that I have lost 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks.  How ON EARTH that happened is beyond my comprehension.  But the woman with no willpower really didn't need to hear it.  And she didn't need to stop at the grocery store on the way home and purchase pizza, Stouffer's macaroni, and not one, but two different types of chocolate chip cookies.  Apparently the woman with no willpower interpreted this as "I have some ground to make up."  She's going to regret this in a few months.

Happy Inauguration Day, and I hope you celebrated MLK Day with gusto, as everyone in the tile-store industry apparently did!


John said...

Can you believe it's already another Inauguration day?! Wow! Well, it's already 5:45 in the morning and I'm way behind on the ol' traditional family Inauguration day festivities, as much as I'd love to comment further I've got quite a lot to do.

Adrienne said...

Love, love, love the Dane and Aidan stories! Those boys are too cute and just SO funny! Thanks for making my day. :o)

Anonymous said...

Stouffers....MMMMM .... Be sure to cook it until it browns on top.

Abby said...

I would have made a stop at the store too, yummy chocolate chip cookies!!!! I'm glad the house is coming along too, I hope you guys will be back in soon.