Monday, January 26, 2009

I am Apparently Incapable of Forming a Coherent Thought for More than a Single Paragraph

Brandon writes a Bible Blog, and sometimes his postings find their way onto my blog. I take his postings off my blog so that those of you checking in for pictures of my kids and sarcasm aren't utterly confused by all the Brilliant Insight. Check my sidebar if you want to check out his blog. He's so smart...

And he's also in Pasadena, California for the next couple of weeks working on some school stuff for his master's degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. (Did you know Brandon was working on his masters? It's called the Masters of Arts in Global Leadership, but I tend to refer to it as the Master of World Domination). So it's just me and the boys until he gets back. My mom is coming for a couple of days this weekend to hang out with Dane and Aidan so I can work, and she's going to make calzone while she is here. :)

I still have yet to take a photograph in the month of January. I don't know if it's because the boys haven't been cute this month, or if it's because I'm a bit intimidated by my new external hard drive and the fact that I don't have "Pictures 2008" folder on my desktop to drop pictures into anymore. I really have to be spoon-fed all this technical stuff, people.

I am buying a refrigerator tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure the decision will cause me to lose sleep tonight. I don't want to do it. I want someone else to just do it simply so I don't have to decide which one of 14 identical white side-by-side models to buy. Did I say 14? I meant 57. And that's if I only go to one store. Does anyone have a fridge they love? One that doesn't cost $2000? One that Home Depot carries?

Perhaps next time I will be able to write a posting that has, you know, a point.

Have a great week! Please pray that when I stop by my house tomorrow there is at least some paint on the new walls so I don't have a pregnant-hormonal-lady-irrational breakdown.


BrooksFamily said...

We had to buy a fridge.....I was so overwhelmed! Finally we went to Lowe's and bought the one that was on clearance because it had a "ding" in the side....literally a scape that now stephanie's animal magnets cover. It was a 2000 fridge we paid 700 for.....two and a half years later it's still great :)

Abby said...

I recently had to buy new washer and dryer, I wanted Colin to do it but he didn't have time....I finally did it and now after two weeks with no way to wash our clothes we finally have a new washer and dryer. I hope you have a nice new fridge now but if not happy shopping!