Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 15, continued

My Dane turned 6 on Tuesday. Six years old. The day started off with a bang, and by a "bang", I mean with two little boys climbing in our bed at 6:15 in the morning. Aidan has developed a habit of waking up pre-6 am (I don't actually know what time he gets up, I just know he's in the playroom with the light on when I get up at 6). Dane opened up all of birthday gifts in our bed bright and early on birthday morn, and then the boys headed downstairs to watch Up! (which Dane had just unwrapped) before school.

That's how early they were up. I have to entertain them BEFORE school. They watched almost an entire movie BEFORE school. I was bleary-eyed and caffeine-seeking with some serious bed-hair, and they were fully dressed and watching a movie (a SAD movie at that) with their teeth brushed and backpacks ready. Good grief.

Brandon, Harper, and I had lunch with Dane up at his school. When the drug-sniffing dogs were finished inspecting his pizza and cherry-limeade (oh, I kid) we enjoyed a lovely 23 minutes together watching Dane consume 2 breadsticks, 3 slices of pizza, and a medium Sonic drink. My apologies to his teacher for the ensuing carb-crash.

Harper spent the lunch break flirting with Dane's friends. The high school years are going to be interesting.
You can't tell from this picture, but Harper has a seriously cute outfit on. Her brown corduroy skirt and pink and brown argyle leg warmers are hidden under the stroller.

Later that evening, we decided to pile everyone into the van, and grab a McDonald's Happy Meal, (Dane's dinner of choice), and go look at the Christmas light display in a nearby town.

Sitting on the rope for a quick picture degenerated quickly into flipping over the rope and wrestling on the ground. Nothing says "Christmas" like wresting with your brother in front of the light display.

Harper wasn't too sure about the birthday/winter festivities in general, and she really wasn't sure about the puffy pink coat she was wearing.

We finished off the evening with ice cream treats at Johnny Rockets (Dane doesn't like cake. What kind of kid doesn't like cake?) and headed home for a late bedtime.

(Please excuse the hat-hair).
This week wraps up this weekend with two parties Friday night, a service project and another party Saturday, and on Sunday Brandon is preaching, then Dane and his friend Wilson are having their annual dual birthday party, and then after that we have my father-in-law's retirement dinner. I'm tired (and full!) just thinking about all the fun-ness that is going to be happening! Tomorrow calls for some shopping and a bit of holiday-goodies cooking, with a big "baking day" on Monday. I'm looking for a few new ideas for holiday goodies to give to Brandon's co-workers, bring to Christmas parties, have around for family, etc. Any favorites and easy recipes you'd like to share?


Anonymous said...

Frozen peppermint cheescake cupcakes.. Easy, cheap, and the kids will have a blast obliterating peppermints for the topping

Anonymous said...

The cupcake suggection sounds amazing...Mandy, if you get that recipe, let me know.

Boy does Dane look BIG and handsome! I'm ready for some party time on Sunday!