Friday, December 11, 2009

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Last weekend Aidan had his Christmas program at school. His task was to dress like a shepherd, and the suggestion was that he wear an "earth toned adult t-shirt" with some kind of belt around it. Here was Brandon's interpretation of the shepherd outfit:

Apparently in Jesus' days, shepherds wore bright green long sleeved henley shirts with their skinny little knobby knees sticking out.
I made a deal with another parent in the class that we would make rope belts for her girls if she would make a staff for Aidan out of a front yard candy cane decoration. Since our part of the deal only involved cutting a piece of rope, I think we got the better part of the deal there.
And Aidan loved his staff.
Not sure if this is how the sheep were wrangled in Biblical days or not.
Aidan might have seen Brandon with the camera at this point.
This did not end well for the little girl walking in front of Aidan.
In other school-program related news, here are a couple of pictures of Dane's PE showcase a few weeks ago. He had the choreography for "Splish Splash" and "Surfin USA" down pat. Put the other 5 year olds to shame.

I will not discuss the fiasco that was the security screen in the front office of his school that involved me arriving early, standing in line for 20+ minutes with (an eventually screaming) Aidan to have my drivers license scanned, missing the beginning portion of the program, and finally being handed a generic visitor sticker along with the other suckers still in line and directed to the gym for the program. I will not discuss it. That would be tacky and disrespectful to the lovely people at Dane's school who only have my child's safety in mind, because we know that all of the school shootings in recent years involve parents who have snuck into a PE showcase without stopping in the front office to have their retinas scanned.

But check out those moves with the fluorescent hanky!

The "Surfin' USA" portion of the program:
My boys were so proud of how well they did at their school programs, and I am so happy that they are both learning skills that will serve them well into adulthood.


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Mandy -

This post had me laughing so hard. Love the shepard outfit!!