Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

Harper has a new nickname at our house.

Little Dainty One?
Cute Little Precious Baby Doll?

Thunda' Thighs?
Barf Vader?

Um, no. (Barf Vader and Christmas leggings that MY SISTER made is what the girl has resorted to wearing for the holidays because I can't find any "My First Christmas" stuff in a size 18 months for my not-quite 9 month old daughter to wear).

We have crowned the girl the Princess of Destruction.
Did you notice that Dane has been glasses-less in the last set of picture? That's because Harper snapped them in half. The indestructible glasses that Dane and Aidan had yet figured out to break were child's play for Harper.

Destroys Christmas presents.
Ornaments quake with fear.
Lego instruction booklets? They are no match for the Princess of Destruction.

She can't wait for Dane's birthday party. She's heard there will be tissue paper and maybe even wrapping paper to play with.


Kay said...

she is the cutest thing!

Anonymous said...

She does NOT have "thunda thighs"..... She is storing energy. Leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "thunda thighs".... somewhere I have a picture of a little girl wearing only boots and a diaper... Would you like to publish that on your blog???

BrooksFamily said...

WHERE did you get the shirt???? If I can't find one could I buy it from you??? Josh is about a big a dork as Brandon when it comes to Star Wars :)

Anonymous said...
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