Thursday, February 25, 2010

At the Dinner Table

***I wasn't going to post yet until my brother finishes helping me with my blog mini-makeover, but I had to record this conversation before I forgot it.

Mommy: What do you guys want to drink with your pizza? (Don't judge me--we ate Little Ceaser's tonight).
Dane: I want water, with no ice.
Aidan: I want milk, with no ice. Hey, I've never tried milk with ice before.
Dane: Aidan, milk with ice is disgusting. The ice melts and becomes water, and water with milk is disgusting. It tastes like beer.
Aidan: I like beer!
Dane: No, you don't Aidan. It's so gross. It tastes like drain water.

(Sidenote: Brandon and I don't drink beer. We think it tastes gross, and honestly, if we feel like something stronger than diet coke with splenda, it's going to be something sissy like a wine cooler or one of those hard lemonade things. But I don't ever recall comparing the taste of beer to DRAIN WATER. So crack open a cold one and try not to think about the drain water or water-milk.)


Betsy said...

I want to sign up for a blog makeover too!

Anonymous said...

How does Dane know what drain water taste like?

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks amazing!

Dane is hilarious! I'm pretty sure they all drank drain water at the last Cousin Camp.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Cousin Camp needs a CPS visit....No one would ever drink drain water at Camp Pappy.