Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mother of the Year

Last year at the pediatrician's office, Dane failed his vision screening. Hot Brandon hasn't seen the big "E" on the vision chart for several years now, so learning that the child might need glasses was not earth-shattering news to us. We took him into the eye doctor, and he got his first pair of glasses.

But he didn't always like to wear the glasses. We noticed him frequently taking them off and leaving them places, like the floor and the pantry. So we got him one of those "cool-kid" straps to wear around his head, holding his glasses into place.

Then a couple of months ago, Harper broke the frames. The kindergartner-proof frames that were supposed to be indestructible. Snapped them right in two. Thankfully, we discovered that the frames had a warranty, and they were replaced for free. Dane didn't seem to have any trouble seeing to read or watch TV in the week that his glasses were at the Glasses Hospital, and frankly we were beginning to wonder if he even needed them at all.

So when he came home from school not two weeks later with one lens instead of two, we considered just waiting until his next appointment with the eye doctor to get new glasses.

I e-mailed Ms. G, Dane's teacher, and she confirmed that he wasn't squinting, and seemed to have no trouble seeing in the classroom. He was doing fine at home, reading to his brother, playing Leapster, and watching TV without difficulty.

Fast forward a couple more weeks...

Thursday of last week was Dane's "100th day of school", which apparently is celebrated by participating in various 100-themed activities. Including, but not limited to this telling activity:
"If I had $100 I would buy _____"

Yup. Glasses.

Not Wii games. Not Legos, or Star Wars guys, or soccer stuff. Glasses for my poor near-sighted eldest son. Needless to say, they will be going back to the Glasses Hospital on Monday.

Just one more thing to explain to his therapist someday.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

His handwriting is so cute and already more legible than Brandon's...go figure. That school picture rocks BTW.

Kay said...

I am laughing! that is great

Brand al Thor said...

I will kill you Val

BrooksFamily said...

I so faked my eye exam when I was in first grade because I wanted glasses so bad.....they just make you look smart ;)