Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Latest in Home Fashions

Our ottoman has a new home. It no longer resides in front of the big comfy chair, perfect for propping tired feet upon while their owner watches NCIS.

Thanks to this little troublemaker, it has moved to a much less convenient spot.

About a month ago, when Harper started getting really interested in the stairs, we moved the ottoman in front of them to keep Harper off. (The side railing is rounded, and short of installing a permanent gate, which we still might do, the rounded rail won't hold a baby gate).
Then she started shoving the ottoman out of the way to get to the stairs.

Yes, my 10 month old is strong enough to move furniture.
So we had to rig a folding chair between the front door and the ottoman, wedging it in place.
How proud of herself does she look in this picture?

Please don't ask me why Aidan is wearing a sleeveless shirt smack dab in the middle of the coldest winter ever.

We think the folding chair-ottoman-stair thing is going to catch on. It's a very fancy look. And it gives you a convenient place to prop you feet for all of those times when you find yourself sitting on the stairs. Not to mention, the boys have loved having it there to catch them when they catapult themselves from halfway up.

Unfortunately, Harper has now figured out how to use the folding chair as a ramp to climb to the top of the ottoman and onto the stairs. What am I going to do with this girl??


BrooksFamily said...

love that girls spirit :) So sounds like Stephanie at my parents house with their stairs back in the day.....determined little stinkers!

Anonymous said...

Permanent gate.... Oh that's a goot idea... She would never figure that out.
Get real girl. Check with the marines at Gitmo ... a little constantan wire... welded gate... guards.... that will work..maybe.

Catherine said...

Retract a gate - only thing that works for Eli. We saw them at the Muirhead's and had to get one (ok 2)- they are expensive, but work.