Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mom Speak

Over the last several years, I have found myself saying things that I never in a million years dreamed I would ever say. Words that just don't belong in the same sentence together. Things I never thought I would EVER have to say to my kids. Here's a few:

--Get the deoderant out of your mouth. We don't eat deoderant.
--If you just leave it alone, it will go back to its' normal size.
--No, when Harper grows up she is not going to be a boy. Sorry.
--What does your hand smell like?
--Who peed in the trash can?
--Because I'm not the one who peed in the trash can, that's why.
--Did you just eat an ENTIRE cantelope?

--Because people don't eat donuts for dinner.
--Please stop licking your baby sister.
--I don't care if she likes it. Please stop licking her.

What have you said lately?


Abby said...

- You are not a dog, stop eating like one...use a fork!

-Did you just pee in the bath water? Don't drink the bath water!

-Your fingers don't belong up your nose...I don't care if you have a booger, blow your nose, that's what Kleenex is for!

-Don't put your toe in your sister's mouth! Don't put your toe in your mouth...TOES DON'T BELONG IN ANYONES MOUTH!!!!

Hmm, I see a pattern, fingers and toes in the wrong places...need to work on that! :)