Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Didn't Go to Kentucky This Year Part 2

...continued from Part 1

On Friday evening the boys, Pappy, MoMo, Lindy and Andy arrived in a little corner of western Kentucky that is near and dear to my heart.

My boys went for a swim with some cousins while some grown ups enjoyed a fish fry.

Dane made fast friends with his cousin Kyra. I use the terms "cousin", "aunt" and "uncle" very loosely when referring to my extended family. It's usually a generational distinction. Kyra's grandmother is Dane's grandfather's cousin. So I have no idea how Dane and Kyra are actually related. That's why we'll just stick with "cousins".

Saturday morning Aidan insisted on going golfing with the men. As my dad so eloquently put it, "No one gets to heaven before I do unless they have been golfing with Aidan."

Saturday evenings during these reunions are always spent at my Great Aunt's house, and this was her year to celebrate her 90th birthday.

This picture did not almost make me cry because I so wish I had been there. Nope. I don't regret for one minute staying home and working instead. Not me. I love work.

And this picture made me laugh because Aidan looks like he's in trouble, and I was so happy for just a split second to not have been there for it!
GG (who celebrated her 90th birthday during the last family reunion 2 years ago. But I'm not telling ANYONE how old you are, GG.) chatted with my cousin Meagan...

...and my cousin Tommy and his son Drew. Tommy and I once rode in the back of my dad's suburban and played about 10 games of Rumi-Cube between Dallas and Austin. And I won every game, he never beat me once. Since this is my blog, I can remember the story how I want to, right?
Someone (I'm guessing his Pappy) gave my son caffeine. He probably regretted that decision.
Dane ran the length of the birthday girl's cornfield and back with Uncle Andy,
Then Andy and Lindy posed for "Lindy and Andy's Christmas Card Picture Option #3":
My grandmother stood at the sink and washed dishes. She has stood at this sink and washed dishes thousands of times. I'm trying not to notice that there's homemade ice cream in the background. In my mind, the ice cream is peach, because I hate peach ice cream. Not strawberry or vanilla. I would be a little extra sad if I knew I had missed strawberry or vanilla homemade ice cream. GG will have a birthday on Saturday. I hope that I am exactly like her one day.
Though I warned you in advance that these pictures might be boring for most of you, you probably still didn't think that you would be looking at a picture of my sassy grandmother washing dishes.

No trip to Kentucky for my boys is complete without a ride on a tractor...
And of course, "Lindy and Andy's Christmas Card Picture Option #4":

Sunday afternoon these Texans loaded up and headed back home.

See you in 2012, Kentucky. I miss you!


lindy said...

I will admit to providing your son with a diet coke...However, I learned that he only takes 2 sips and is then distracted by something else, so the caffeine thing is no biggie

The Driskells said...

My vote is for the Lindy and Andy picture #3!

Adrienne said...

LOVE the picture of Dane running through the cornfield! Good shot, whoever-it-is-that-took-that!

Brand al Thor said...

I want everyone to know that the brown paper sack above Aidan's head in the last picture is a bag from Boom land stuffed with fireworks - thanks Pappy!

andy said...

there is no possible way aidan had done anything wrong the entire trip to merit any sort of punishment, he and i were simply discussing the better things in life like how the romans invented these candles and when you are in high school you get to start aiming them at your friends.

now dane ripping, er, i mean "falling into my hands" wood siding from a 100 year old barn to add to the camp fire merited a second glance...

had a blast in kent. cant wait to have my own destructos some day.

ps. 2012. brandon and i are sprinting the corn.