Saturday, June 12, 2010

Then and Now

As I think I may have mentioned before, this is one of my favorite pictures ever.


My babies were so precious, listening intently to their daddy read the Bible to them. Aidan's hair was out of control because his mommy wasn't ready to cut it.

After I put Harper to bed the other night, I witnessed a familiar sight:

Two little boys listening intently to their Daddy reading them the Bible.

One little boy has always seemed to know when his Mommy is taking pictures...

In about another year, two little girls will join the little bed for bedtime reading. We've tried with Harper a few times, and she just turns around and sits on the books because she thinks that everyone should pay attention to HER.

Dane and Aidan are not the only ones in these pictures who have aged. Two years ago, Brandon could read to the boys by the light from the lamp, and these days the main light has to be on for story time. Tune in for 2012, when Brandon will be reading to four children wearing a head lamp.