Monday, June 28, 2010

Recent Conversations

Summertime has brought lots of together-time and some interesting conversations from my favorite brothers:

Dane: Aidan, you're such a pervert.

Me: Don't call Aidan a pervert. (Pause...why does my 6 year old know to call his brother a pervert? Where did he even hear that??) Dane, do you know what a pervert is? (Please don't know what a pervert is, please don't know what a pervert is...)

Dane: Yeah, mom. You know, a pervert is a grodo-baggins. Dad calls me and Aidan grodo-baggins all the time.

Me: (Laughing so hard Diet coke with splenda is threatening to squirt out my nose)

(Note: Brandon does say "grodo-baggins" all the time, which according to him, is a morphed version of something from Lord of the Rings. We are so cool.)

Another interesting conversation that happened as Aidan was trying to run out the door at McDonalds:

Me: Aidan, don't run out the door, wait for the rest of us please.

Aidan: Mom, God controls me, sorry.

"God controls me"?? What do you say to that one?

When Harper starts to talk, I am toast.