Saturday, August 21, 2010

LaKing's for LaPrincess

Mini-Cation 2010 continues...

After visiting the Blue Bell factory where we ate ice cream for lunch, we hit the road and started heading towards Galveston, where the grossest hotel swimming pool in the history of the world was waiting for us (and apparently, a fully clothed homeless man) to swim in it. You know the pool is gross, if you look at the Galveston beach and marvel about how clear and pretty the water is. We couldn't see our feet at the bottom of the pool. In the shallow end. I shudder a little just thinking about it.

I had to take a picture of what Harper did to the air conditioner in the hotel room. I want to apologize to the housekeeper for any lurking strawberries in the room that I didn't catch.

After our near death experience at the hands of whatever mystery creatures may or may not have been lurking at the bottom of the hotel pool, we all cleaned up and headed out for an early dinner of slightly-better-than-average Italian food, leaving a little room for dessert.

Where does one go for dessert in Galveston? LaKing's Confectionary, of course.

I went in with the boys while Brandon put Harper's shoes on in the van and brought her inside.
Except he didn't put her shoes on, and brought her inside barefoot. Awesome. We almost got away with it because it is Galveston, and the lady who walked in before us was wearing a bikini top.

I was almost the proud owner of this lollipop display when Harper decided to almost pull it down,
but then her daddy distracted her with a chocolate malt.

Harper even shared some of her chocolate malt with the rest of us, so sweet.
No rest for the weary, we still had a little daylight left, and we were going to spend it at the beach!


Anonymous said...

The chocolate malt.... Made with vanilla ice cream???

Adrienne said...

LOVE the picture Brandon and Harper sharing the malt!

Also, glad to see Dane's "vacation necklace" is still in place...