Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Sparkling Clear Water of Galveston Beach

(Part Four of the Three Day Vacation That Never Ends...)

After stuffing ourselves silly with all manor of candies and chocolate malts at LaKing's, we headed to the Galveston seawall to scope out the beach. After dinner, right before the sun goes down is the best time to go to the beach. The crowds are gone, the heat is gone, no need for sunscreen, and you can find a decent parking spot on the street.

Little known fact about Brandon and me: we hate crowds of people. Amusement parks on a Saturday, the movies on Friday nights, the beach during the day, traffic during rush hour, shopping on tax free weekend. We'd just rather stay home and not do it than fight the crowds of people. I have been known to grocery shop at 6:30am and I know what time my favorite retailers open in the morning. A couple of years ago we went to the Houston Children's Museum on a weekday in the fall, only to arrive and learn it was "Museum Day", offering free admission. I think we lasted for about an hour before we had to leave before we all lost our minds. We've gotten into a habit of doing fun things in the mornings and during the week to avoid all of the throngs of people. has become my best friend.

And the beach in summertime? A definite must at 7:30pm on a Wednesday.

It would have been much harder to take horrible pictures of my family if lots of people had been around.

This picture of the four of them was much easier to take last year at the beach.

This year, we had two adventurous boys and one water baby who did not want to sit still.

My boys...

And my girl with her daddy
And yes, I know the arm floaties were ridiculous for her. She never even got in water past her waist, and I was the paranoid mommy hovering so that those horribly dangerous waist deep undertows didn't carry Harper girl out to the sea.
I'm pretty sure these three would still be in the water, four days later, had we not made them leave.

See you next year, Galveston beach!

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The Driskells said...

Fun, fun! Love the 2nd picture. Dane's face is hilarious and obviously Harper is SO done with those pictures!