Sunday, August 8, 2010


(Edited from numerous phone calls and e-mails last week):

Me: Mom, we're working on booking our flights to China. A while ago you mentioned something about maybe having enough credit card points to help us with one of the round trip tickets?

Mom: Let me do some checking.

Me: Okay, our flights are going to be a little complicated. We fly out of Houston into one city, then two weeks later, fly out of a different city back to Houston. With a child who will be flying one way internationally on a Chinese passport. So I don't know if points will help us with a flight or not, since it's not as simple as a round trip ticket.

Mom: (insert who-only-knows how many minutes of internet checking/phone calls)

Mom: I can get flights for you and Brandon, both ways, and a one way flight for Emerson. I'll use 176,000 of my reward points, but it will cost you about $1400 total.

Me: Seriously? Because the tickets we have been looking at cost $1500-$2500 apiece, plus Emerson's ticket. We really might be able to get all three for less than the cost of one ticket? And do you really have 176,000 reward points saved up?

Mom: No, I have 177,000 reward points.

So for those of you who have been praying for our adoption, and for God's provision, THANK YOU. By some miracle of miracles, we are getting international airfare for the three of us for less than the cost of one plane ticket.

This week on the agenda: working with the travel agency in China to finalize the rest of our travel plans! Fingers crossed that we don't get robbed with outrageous pricing that we can't really control. More prayers this week would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Maybe your mom could get you some peanuts on the flight with that extra 1,000 points... Probably just one way though...