Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Frames in my Bathroom

We (and by "we", I mean "my mom") repainted my downstairs half-bath last summer.

Let me back up a little. When we moved back into our house after Hurricane Ike, I had to quickly select paint colors for all, yes ALL of our rooms so that the house-guys could paint the walls. I am notoriously bad at selecting paint colors. My kitchen has been multiple shades of yellow, the boys' bathroom and bedroom have been multiple shades of blue, and our pre-Ike master bath was a color that can only be described as "1970's Avocado Green". Our pre-Ike downstairs half-bath was wallpapered a pale green color courtesy of the previous owners that I didn't hate enough to ever go to the trouble of removing.

Back to the "selecting paint colors for ALL of the rooms" nightmare. I picked the same color that we previously had for the kitchen, upstairs playroom, and master bedroom. We let the boys pick an obnoxious shade of blue for their bedroom, because we don't care all that much about what it looks like, and we picked a lighter shade of said obnoxious color for their bathroom. The downstairs living area and our master bathroom were painted a neutral-tan-beige color. Harper's room (I was still pregnant with her when we moved back in) was only primed, because there was no way my brain could process deciding paint color for her nursery at that point. Now, her room is post-it-yellow.

Which leaves us with the half bath. I don't think I pondered any paint color in the whole house more than the color of this stupid bathroom. We finally settled on some kind of "slate" that I pictured a greenish-grey, but was in fact seafoam green once we got it on the walls.

Seafoam green. All it needed was some pale pink seashells and coordinating floral poof curtains and we would be a 1980s living room.

So. Brandon went out of town last summer for a couple of weeks, and my mom came down and repainted the half-bath for me. And now it is a bright turquoise with a few zebra accents in the bathroom and I love it. Still working on it, but I love the wall color. It's very bright, and I would never paint a different room this color, but I love it in my little half-bath.

I got four cute frames last summer for the little shelf in the bathroom, anticipating putting pictures of the kids in them once we came home from China with Emerson.

What a long, rambling story to show you a few pictures, no?

I quickly realized that many of my pictures of the kids looked something like this:

...and I vowed to snap some photos of my kids looking a little normal. Fully clothed, no traces of lunch on their clothes, etc.

Here are a couple of pictures that are in the frames now:

I got Dane dressed the other day and dragged him outside to snap a few pictures of him.
Then Brandon pointed out that his hair is too shaggy and we'll have to retake these after he gets a haircut.

He was laughing because I was making potty jokes.
Emerson insisted on getting in on some of the picture-taking action, and gave me some of her cutest crooked smiles.

Not to be excluded, Aidan insisted on putting an outfit on for his pictures. He put on the requisite "collar shirt", and continued to complete his outfit on his own. Let's not even talk about the white-out that he had painted on his cheek earlier in the day. And do you know how hard it is to get white-out off a kid's face? Almost impossible, even after two showers.

So I humored him and took a few pictures of Aidan in his carefully selected "picture outfit":
By the way, the red soccer socks and boots were also selected as "farm clothes" today, as we headed out to a play date at a "farm".
Oh, I love this kid. Our house would be so normal and quiet without him.
The only question is, which one should I use for the frame?


Anonymous said...

Definitely go with the second one of the A Man... He has a nice smile in that one....

Jenni said...

Ok, Dane is almost a grown man! I so miss his "Jibby" days!

Catherine said...

I like the 2nd one of A too...

Katee said...

nail polish remover helps with white-out. :)

Brand al Thor said...

Aidan has some wicked abs

Adrienne said...

I was going to say the same thing, Brandon! A-Man has abs of steel!

The Rays said...

Yes, killer abs...what do I need to do to get abs like him? Hang upside down and paint my face with white out? I like the 2nd picture.

Anonymous said...

A Man gets his muscles from his Pappy..