Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Recap in Bullets

--I worked a night shift Thursday night in the ER, and slept half the day on Friday recovering.

--I woke up on Friday, and dragged my cranky, sleep-deprived body to the grocery store so that my family would have something to eat for dinner other than mustard and popsicles.

--Cooked dinner for a friend of mine who just had a baby, including a yummy chocolate cake. Brandon begged me to take the cake to her "precut and arranged on a plate" so that we could sample a couple of pieces without being obvious. DENIED.

--Came home and made another chocolate cake just for us because the first one smelled so good.

--Woke up Saturday morning and headed to the ER for a day of fun trauma and also a few sick people. Saw not one, but two shiny skulls belonging to people who flat out refuse to wear helmets when riding 4-wheelers and motorcycles. My post-lunch activities included irrigating grass and dirt off of (a large portion of) someone else's skull while he took self-portraits of the process with his i-phone. Meanwhile, Brandon was wrestling with all four kids solo to soccer and flag football activities. I'm still not sure who had the easier day.

--Saturday night I ate Blue Bell Southern Blackberry Cobbler ice cream for dinner. Yes ma'am.

--Sunday morning Brandon went to church early, and I had to get all 4 kids and myself ready for church on time. While I was upstairs fixing my hair, apparently Aidan had some "bathroom time", and took wiping duties upon himself. Yes, my 5 year old still needs help in the wiping department. He is a boy.


Fast-forward to 20 minutes later, we are in the church parking lot, and I look in the rear-view mirror to find Aidan naked from the waist down, trying to convince me IN THE CHURCH PARKING LOT that he needed new undies. Not an option, kiddo, PANTS UP NOW. Once we were inside, Brandon got recruited to take Aidan to the bathroom before class and check out the underwear situation. Brandon sits down next to me at church, leans over during the first song, and whispers to me that the underwear situation was worse than feared, and the beloved Spiderman undies had to be thrown away. Another first for our family, Aidan went commando through an entire morning of church.

I so wish parts of my life were made up.

--Sunday morning was Baby Dedication at our church, and Emerson was dedicated and thus got to sit with us in big church for a few minutes before going to her 3's class. The highlight of my morning was when Emerson saw a baptism video on the screens during church and pointed and shouted loudly "Daddy! Daddy!" when she saw Brandon baptizing one of his students. I'm pretty sure every single person in the room heard her.

--For Baby Dedication, the families are treated to a baby Bible, family picture, CD of lullaby music, and a handmade quilt made by our wonderful quilting ministry. Because heaven forbid I actually go upstairs, take a picture of the quilt, and post it tonight, I will just describe it instead. It is bright purple, blue, and green, and has a little patch that says "For this child I have prayed", along with the name of the lady that made the quilt for her. As someone who takes the pants to the dry cleaners to have a button sewn back on when it falls off, I appreciate this quilt and the effort and love that went into it so much. These ladies spend so much time making these quilts for all of the babies, and each one of them are prayed over. Emerson loves it, and is sleeping under it as we speak. And by "sleeping", I mean "babbling in Mandarin and whining a little bit".

--Sunday afternoons, Brandon plays soccer with some friends from church, and takes the boys with him to run around and mooch snacks off of other moms while he plays. About 5 minutes after he was supposed to have left, we discovered that I hadn't washed his soccer jersey from last week, so he dug it out of the laundry basket and went to his game smelling like grass, last week's sweat, and Windex. Laundry: 1. Mandy: 0.

--Sunday dinner: last piece of chocolate cake that Brandon ate half of and cut the other half into a heart before giving it to me, presumably so that I wouldn't be ticked about having to share it.

So, what was your weekend like? Did anyone else skip entire meals in favor of dessert only? Go commando in preschool Bible class? Pick debris from an exposed skull? Do tell.


Kay said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! It was cute to see her point to the screen during church!! It was an amazing Sunday morning.

Candice said...

Wow that is a crazy weekend! I can't say I've ever known anyone to go commando in church, but I'm figuring pants are more important, so everything is okay! :)

Catherine said...

Wow! Sounds like quite a weekend :-) I wish we could have been there for baby dedication - so many of our sweet friend's babies were dedicated on Sunday.

Thank you so much for the dinner...and the cake - I don't blame Brandon for wanting to have a piece or 6 - it is delicious. On that note, I think I'll go have some!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

love it, love it, love it mandy!!!!