Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sweet Harper Girl,

I must say, baby girl, that this age, 18 months or so, has been my favorite stage with you ever. I want to bottle you up and keep you at this age for a while. You are just so cute and happy right now. You talk quite a bit these days, and are picking up new words all the time. "Side" (outside) is a new favorite, and you have come to learn that when you say "peease" with a big smile and bat your impossibly long eyelashes that your daddy will give you pretty much anything you want.

You got a new sister last month, and over these last few weeks you have come to love her. I gotta be honest, you weren't so sure about her at first. You bit Emerson several times over those first few weeks, even breaking skin a couple of times. We adjusted some nap schedules, and you haven't bitten her in a couple of weeks now. The two of you still have some normal sister-fights when both of you want the same toy, or when you take Emerson's shoes and wear them as you are playing, but most of the time you get along great. She is quick to tattle on you if you are doing something she doesn't approve of, and will run to us, pointing to you saying "Harper-lo!"

The two of you love your shoes and purses and cell phones, and mommy is getting a very small glimpse of life 12 years from now. You love to have your baby doll wrapped in a blankie, and rock them back and forth, and I don't think there's a funner toy in our house than an empty laundry basket.

Your hair is getting longer, and we tried out a new hair do the other day.

LOVE it.

Harper, you are a girl who enjoys her beauty sleep. When we say it is nap time, you will start up the stairs on your own, waving and saying "night night". You go to sleep with a smile most of the times, and wake up and entertain yourself in your crib for a while before you're ready to get out. We have come to learn that you need this "wake up time", and are quite the bear if we get you out of your crib without giving you those few minutes to put on your happy face.

Bedtime is also a favorite time. Mommy and Daddy put you in Emerson's bed for prayer time, and you LOVE it.

I think you're secretly waiting for the day when we will just forget to put you in the crib and leave you in her bed to sleep.

Sometimes we pretend to do that, and turn the lights out and say goodnight.

Emerson's not a big fan of you in her bed for too long, though.

(Harper looks EXACTLY like Dane at this age in this picture.)

We love you so much, mei mei Harper! Please don't grow up too fast, baby girl.


lindy said...

She's practically an adult with those pig tails!!

Jana said...

I'm so glad the sisters are hitting it off!!! I think Harper looks like Dane in ALL of the pictures!!!

Candice said...

I love the first picture of the girls in the post, the difference in their facial expressions is priceless! :)

Ang Stoltzfus said...

WOW! our girls are close in ages...lots of what you described goes on in our house too. =)
we do the same thing w/jyla in addalie's bed...& jyla cries when we get her out....
& the shoes....oh the shoes..& cell phones too. yep..must be a girl thing.
thanks for the sweet email.
i will respond soon! (it almost made me cry)
LOVE YOU...praying that your days are full of MUCH grace..all around!

Anonymous said...

Harper Lo looks suspiciously like a little girl I used to know....