Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh, This is Going to be Random

I apologize in advance for there being no point, no cohesive thought whatsoever in what you are about to read.

I'm all about the disclaimers.

When my sister gets pregnant (HINT, HINT), I really really want her to do a video like this one. I loved it so, and it made me wish that I had taken way more belly pictures when I was pregnant. Because I think I have 3 pictures of me pregnant. Total.


My dad e-mailed me this picture of my mom the other day. I have no explanation at all.
Perhaps she thought the dryer inspector was coming over?

Maybe she wanted to test the weight limit of the dryer?

What could she have possibly gotten in that lint trap that warranted a vacuum? The cat?


Ummm, Awkward Family Photos reminds me of every Christmas card I have ever posed for. But this picture? My favorite ever.


We dropped the extra camera battery behind the oven the other day, which resulted in this mission:
I think they should use super-skinny Aidan to help rescue those miners in Chile.

And Brandon has kind of awesome arm veins.


Harper thinks she is big like Emerson, and lately has been insisting on wearing Emerson's undies over her diaper.

Harper has also noticed that we applaud Emerson for going potty with minimal assistance, and Harper will run to the bathroom door, insist that we strip her down and set her on the potty, and then she claps for herself as she sits on the toilet and does nothing.


Didn't I tell you this was going to be random? Happy Tuesday.


momo said...

Cute pictures and now I have no Lint Bunnies in my dryer!!. Stephanie Southard (Brent's wife) has such a cute video of her twin girls & son but I don't know how to find it. She's also got some cute pictures on her photography web site.

Anonymous said...

Your sister will NOT be making a video like that.

The Driskells said...

Life is random! I love it all!

Adrienne said...

While Jeremy and I have neither the fancy camera set up nor the complete American Apparel wardrobe of the blog you linked to, we HAVE been taking my weekly pregnancy belly shot--since week 8! So maybe someday I'll be cool and turn my pictures into a video or something...maybe. :)

Excited to see you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think they should use super-skinny Aidan to help rescue those miners in Chile.

Haven't they suffered enough???