Saturday, May 7, 2011

Because It's Fun and It's A Run

So what were you doing at 7:45 this morning?

These guys were running in their first ever 5k run, a "Fun Run" benefitting one of our local assistance ministries in the community. We knew most of the participants from church, and some of my close friends were in charge of putting the event together.

From the starting line...

I'm sorry if these pictures are blurry. My flash hates me.

Do you think he sees me with my camera? Does he see me?

Yes, that is Aidan wandering around in the background in his soccer uniform.

And a couple of minutes later...

Crossing the finish line, (unofficial) time of 29:23! He came in 4th place in the "19 and Under" category. Not bad Dane-o!

I'm so proud of my sweet friends for organizing this event, everyone had a blast, and lots-o-money was raised for our wonderful local assistance ministry!


Emily said...

Neat! Maybe we'll run that one next year- I didn't know they did a run!

Adrienne said...

Great pictures! I like their matching outfits :)