Monday, May 23, 2011

He's A Winner

I got an excited telephone call while I was at work yesterday.

I won something! And I never win anything!

It's true. Neither one of us ever win anything because we rarely/never play the lottery, surrender our mailing address with the vague promise of being put into a drawing for a Caribbean cruise, or buy raffle tickets where you have something like one in one thousand chance of winning a big ticket item. (Sidenote: I know someone who won a Camero in a band raffle. They paid $100 for a raffle ticket, and won a Camero. I also know someone who won an ipad in a raffle. I figure just knowing them lowers my chance of winning anything in a raffle ever.)

Brandon apparently got on Facebook the other day and "liked" his Local Eye Doctor's Office (LEDO), where he has been a twice-yearly guest for the past 7 years or so. Unbeknownst to him, LEDO was giving away a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses to one of their Facebook followers. And low and behold, Brandon won.

Like many people my age, including Hot Brandon, I immediately associate Ray Ban sunglasses with this image:

A certain "cool-factor" is brought to mind when I hear the brand name.

Seeing as how all of our sunglasses up until know have been acquired at 1. WalMart or 2. gas stations, Brandon was appropriately in high spirits as he headed into LEDO to pick up his free pair of Ray Bans.

Five minutes later...

Brandon sends me this picture. Look what I won, honey!

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that the sure-to-be-cool sunglasses that Brandon wins are bright orange and closely resemble something I may or may not have worn in the sixth grade.

Seriously, did anyone know they even made RayBans in bright orange plastic? Do people who spend $230 on sunglasses that look like this know they can get the exact same thing for, like, $8 at WalMart?


Kay said...

O. M. G. awesome.

Adrienne said...

But all the kids in the youth group will be So. Jealous.