Friday, May 20, 2011

Lindy's Baby Shower

Last weekend (after a week filled with eye surgeries and swing set assemblies), Harper and I headed up to Dallas with my parents and GG for my sister Lindy's baby shower.

Though it sounds relatively simple, My parents, Harper and I loaded up at about 9am, left Houston for Austin to pick up GG, and eventually arrived at my parents' house in DFW sometime around 6pm. No trip is complete without a couple of essential snack stops on the road, and more than a couple of traffic jams. I don't even want to talk about my father off-roading off of I20 and detouring through a car dealership and wandering around a subdivision for a while in order to avoid a traffic jam last week. My GG was scouting real-estate during the subdivision drive-thru, and my mom and I were taking inventory of the drinkable water in the vehicle. We're fairly certain we could have survived about 4 days lost in south Arlington without ever having to leave the vehicle.

But finally, we made it to the house in time to get the goodies made before the shower Saturday morning.

I fulfilled my hosting duties by taking care of invitations, making what has become known as "Baby Shower Punch" and making pickle wraps for the guest of honor.

And not taking one. single. picture. And not posing in one. single. picture. Seriously, it's like I wasn't even there. Which is fine with me, except I didn't get a picture with my seester! My little, newly round and beautifully pregnant seester!

Because how cute is she?

On the menu? Pastries, chicken salad sandwiches, cheese and crackers, quiches and egg casserole, fruit kabobs, deviled eggs, pickle wraps, and cake.

For the guest of honor? Car seats, strollers, video monitors, pack-n-plays, diaper bags, bathtubs, and some ridiculously cute clothes.

All in all, a great baby shower for the new mommy. I'm just glad I made it in time and didn't have to resort to sharing my bottled water with Harper in the back of the Suburban on Friday.