Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Before and After- Backyard Edition

I'm pretty sure she has shown up in several pictures throughout the years.

My children have spent countless hours with her.

She has allowed me to empty the dishwasher in peace, fold laundry at the kitchen table, and make dinner on occasion.

Death-trap swing set has been good to us over the years. Several years ago we were gifted this lovely second-hand swing set for our backyard and ever-growing family to enjoy, and enjoy we have.

But lately? Lately she has been sporting some extra diagonal support beams down below, a bit of duct tape on her broken railing, and most recently, a couple of "Harper, don't fall out" boards up top. My kids love to play outside, and they have loved this swing set.

This will probably not be the last Before and After on Outnumbered over the next couple of months. Thanks from a little help in the form of a tax return and a plethora of ER shifts lately, Brandon and I have decided to make a few improvements here at Casa de Bursting-at-the-Seams to make our lovely home a little more user friendly.

First on the agenda: A new swing set for the backyard. Brandon and I spent several weeks picking something out that would suite our family. Our criteria: 1. Reasonably priced. It need not cost more than Brandon's car. 2. High enough quality that it will withstand 5 years of very frequent use. In five years, our children will be 12,10, 8, and 7, and the bulk of their swing set years will be behind them. They'll still use it, but probably not an hour or so a day like they do now. 3. Fun for 2 year old Harper, and fun for 7 year old Dane. I wanted little Harper to have something safe to play on, but also something "big" enough for the boys.


I'd love to tell you how painless the switch-out was. I'd love to tell you that there is not a heap of rotted wood and nails in the back of my driveway, waiting for their mommy to figure out what to do with them since their daddy had eye surgery and can't lift and haul any time soon.

I'd love to tell you how the new play set came fully assembled, delivered promptly to our backyard. It certainly did not take approximately 30 man hours (and 10 chic hours) to put this puppy together. I'd love to tell you that my big strong husband was able to help put it together, instead of sporting an eye patch one day post corneal transplant, forced inside the house and not allowed participate.

I'd love to tell you that it did not come in approximately 9000 different pieces, and that every piece was clearly labeled and had a clear purpose. I'd love to tell you that the ground beneath is perfectly level and there is not an ever-so-slight tilt to the whole thing.

I'd love to tell you that my beloved babysitter, Miss Kylie, did not herself drill 72 screws into that rock-climbing wall. (Um, new swing set was a team effort, to say the least.)

I'd love to tell you that I most certainly was not driving Brandon around to post-op eye appointments while my family and friends stayed at the house and worked diligently until it was dark and raining to get the swing set put together.

So, new swing set, I hope the next 5 years or so will be full of laughter, squeals of joy, and lots of imagination.

Because you, new swing set, will hopefully be the last swing set to ever grace our back yard.


Anonymous said...

By "family" I hope you mean your brother and brother in law came down from Dallas... Surely this didn't involve your elderly parents??? Though your dad is pretty buff your mom is on the edge of frail...

The Rays said...

So where did you guys end up purchasing this?

Ashley Davis said...

Do you mind sharing where you purchased this? I love the layout of this one!