Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Bucket List

It is nearing the end of September, and NO MATTER WHAT the thermostat says, fall is upon us.

Did you hear me, Fall? YOU ARE UPON US.

I love this time of year. More than summer, more than Spring, more even than Christmas time (I think).

I've got a few things on my Fall 2011 Bucket List, activities that simply must be done while the weather is bearable.

With the exception of last year, we have gone to the State Fair every year since the boys were old enough to smother their faces in Pineapple Whip. I have memories (and pictures) of going to the fair every single year growing up. I cannot wait for Emerson to experience it for the very first time. My girl who will eat anything will have her pick from fried oreos, fried funnel cake, and fried corny dogs. And my husband that will buy anything will have to show moderate restraint around the ShamWows!

We discovered this local gem last year, and just had the best time. Few places are worth us paying $8 per person for our family of six to attend, but this definitely makes the list. Don't know if we enjoyed the horseback rides, little train, or giant swing in the hay pile more.

3. Backyard campout and smores.

Another first for Emerson. It's a notable day in fall when it's finally cool enough to throw a tent in the backyard, light the chimnea, and grill hot dogs and marshmallows while pretending we're somewhere much more rustic than our lawn. It goes without saying that the boys LOVE this activity, and this year Emerson and Harper will be able to adventure also. Mommy might still sleep inside, though :)

Our favorite strawberry picking farm is offering a pumpkin patch for the first time this year, and we are anxious to try it out. We love a good pumpkin patch this time of year, and King's Orchard is a nice, spacious place that never feels "crowded". Hopefully their pumpkin patch will not disappoint.

5. Starbucks fall menu.

Pumpkin spice lattes. Salted caramel mocha frappuccinos. Enough said.

It's hot, spicy, and just can't be eaten in the summer. Because it's soup, and soup goes in the fall and winter. I'm mentally planning a date night involving my soup in a mug for dinner while Brandon and I watch NCIS after the kids have gone to bed. While sitting on the couch under a blankie in my comfy pants. Brandon and I are livin' on the edge.

Any "Fall Must-Dos" that I've forgotten about? What's on your Fall Bucket List?


Sheila said...

So far, the only thing on my list is to stock up on Candy Corn! Yay for October!

Kalena said...

how can you include "my favorite soup" and not share the recipe? It hurts. Don't you know there are other people dreaming of the same date night? Think of your public and please post your soup recipe!

Mandy said...

Kalena! It would just be cruel of me to not share the recipe! Click on the blue text in the post, it's a link to another posting where the recipe is listed. I just didn't want to post a recipe that I've already posted on the blog before :)