Saturday, May 31, 2008

5 Things

5 Things you were doing 5 years ago:

1.  Moving into our first house
2.  Telling people that we were pregnant with Dane
3.  Working as an ER nurse full-time
4.  Driving a cute little 1989 Camry
5.  Figuring out which movie we were going to see (this would be the last year that we actually saw movies at the movie theater)

5 Things you would rather be doing:

1.  Relaxing at this cute little hotel in Point Arena, CA that we went to last summer
2.  Shopping with someone else's money
3.  Telling my maid that someone else paid for, "You can stop cleaning now, the house looks perfect"
4.  Wandering around a bookstore for a couple of hours with no kids
5.  Girlfriend day consisting of pedicure, lunch, and chick-flick

5 Things on your to-do-list today:

1.  Put laundry away
2.  Try to figure out how our family is going to eat the approximately 25 pounds of fresh fruit in our house before it goes bad
3.  Take boys to a birthday party at a karate place
4.  Read
5.  Water the garden

5 Goals for the next 5 years:

1.  Pay off financial commitments
2.  Save more money for retirement
3.  Read more books that I can learn something from
4.  Be more diligent about Bible study and quiet time
5.  Take a cool family vacation that the boys will be old enough to remember

5 Things you would do with a billion dollars:

1.  Tithe big time
2.  Pay off cars
3.  Adopt like, 4 kids or so
4.  Move into another house with more than 3 bedrooms for our 6 or so kids
5.  Give it away

5 Places you have lived:

1.  Lewisville, TX
2.  Flower Mound, TX
3.  Abilene, TX
4.  Arlington, TX
5.  Houston, TX

5 Snacks you enjoy:

1.  Chips and salsa
2.  Blackberries with powdered sugar
3.  Strawberries
4.  Chips and "pink dip" (salsa mixed with cream cheese...YUM)
5.  Chocolate chip cookies

5 Jobs you have had:

1.  Mooching money from college football players on picture day
2.  Mooching money from high school seniors on graduation picture day
3.  Medical records filer at a doctor's office
4.  Microbiology lab assistant (this job consisted of making ager, which is the gooey stuff at the bottom of petri dishes.  Very glamourous.)
5.  ER nurse

P.S.  My cobbler is the height of awesomeness.