Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ten on Thursday

1.  Aidan has added an extra syllable to many of his words since we arrived home from Kentucky.  For example:  "Daddy" is now "Day-yed-dee".  And so on.

2.  Brandon had created and planted a garden and had the whole house clean when we got home on Monday.  It's been 3 whole days, and the house is still clean.  And the garden is still sort-of alive.  This is definitely some kind of record.

3.  I signed the boys up for swim lessons today.  I'm a bit worried that I wasted $75 on Aidan's lessons.  He won't even play in the sprinkler because he doesn't want to get wet.  I see 2 weeks of me holding a crying little boy in a bathing suit on the edge of a pool.

4.  Dane has something like 11 Bible verses memorized now, not including the Lord's Prayer. 

5.  I triaged a lady the other day who came to the EMERGENCY ROOM for a sunburn.  And it wasn't even a bad, blistery sunburn.  She just didn't like the way it looked on her face and she wanted us to give her a shot for it.  I'm not kidding.

6.  Brandon will be in Thailand for 16 days next month and I am formulating 2 mental lists:  Things to do with the kids for 16 days so they won't notice how much they miss their Daddy, and Things for me to watch/read/do that Brandon is not interested in that I can do while he is gone.  Any suggestions?  Must be cheap and local.

7.  Tomorrow we are going to pick blackberries and strawberries and I will attempt to make my First Ever Cobbler.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

8.  The Office may be slowly becoming my favorite TV show ever.  It's neck and neck with Law and Order right now.  Sam Waterston (Waterson?) is keeping L&O in the race.  I love me some Sam.  Me and Sam have had some good times together.

9.  A few months ago I was in charge of invitations for a bridal shower I was helping with.  I was to send out 80 invitations.  I found perfect light pink and brown paper (her colors), and I decided to order matching pink envelopes online.  When the envelopes arrived, they were fluorescent neon pink.  I just could not send my pretty invitations in fluorescent neon pink envelope tackiness.  So I reordered different pink envelopes which arrived the perfect color of pink that I needed.  Only now I have 100 fluorescent neon envelopes that I am using to mail my monthly car payments.  I'm sure CarMax is very appreciative of my refusal to use boring white envelopes.

10.  The newest cousin is getting cuter by the day.


keri said...

Looks like you guys had too much fun in Kentucky. Have fun picking berries. I'm so tempted to just get up and go.