Friday, May 9, 2008

Grills Gone Wild

Check out we did all by ourselves!  (And by "we", I mean Becky).  I am woman.  And I make fire.

Okay, so I didn't actually make the fire.  More like I am woman.  And I offer moral and technical support while someone who knows what "lighter fluid" is makes fire.

Wednesday we met up at the park and decided to see what those little black things were sittin' next to the picnic tables.  Turns out, they are grills!!  We cooked hotdogs without the aid of a microwave!  It was a monumental day in the history of womenkind everywhere.  Or at least at our picnic table.

Don't they look pretty?
Oooohhh!  Aaaaahhhh!
Only a few of them ended up here:
We left those for the squirrels.  Notice the cigarette butt next to the hotdogs.  A couple of weeks ago at the park, we turned around and saw a squirrel actually smoking one of these.  Okay he may have been trying to eat it.  But I think he simply forgot his Nicorette gum that day.  Or maybe he had a really stressful day at the office and just needed to relax. 

We also took our precious children to the park with us that day.  But I didn't take any pictures of them.  Just our hot dogs.  After all, they have played on the playground before.  But we have never made FIRE all by ourselves. 

Did I mention we made fire?  All by ourselves?

Please do not think I am qualified to actually do this again should the need arise, at, say, our house when company is coming over.  Oh no no.  Brandon is the backyard griller in our home.  I am only qualified to offer moral and technical support from the air conditioned kitchen table.

I know everyone is as happy as I am that my DSL is fixed for the first time ALL WEEK, and I was able to post these enthralling photos for all to enjoy.


Rebecca said...

so to defend MY womanhood, the dogs on the ground were keri's. Mine were the beautifully lightly burnt ones on the table! I have never been so proud, not even one year ago today. see my post to understand.

Linda said...

Very funny! Loved the post title, too, by the way. First time here, just saying Hi.