Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kites and Fishes

Behind our house there is a neighborhood park. It's a small park, with a playground and some walking trails around a little waterfall and pond. The trails are really muddy, because an engineer at some point did not spend enough time thinking about POND DRAINAGE. But now our subdivision can advertise "scenic walking trails" and "waterfalls". We call it "Mosquito Lake".  

Different from the big park where we go to make fire.

The other day the weather was beautiful, so we loaded the boys in to their wagon and brought along the kite we got for Kite Day at the school.

Oh, the glee. Dane and Brandon had so much fun flying the kite. Aidan was a little apprehensive, as he should be, since the kite probably weighs more than he does. He's just skinny, folks. Tall and skinny.

The tiny speck in the sky was our Lightening McQueen kite. If I ever decide to stop being a nurse, I am going to work for Disney's marketing department. Those are some busy people. There's a car on my kite. And on my son's underwear. That he wears with his Diego socks to school where he carries his Lightening McQueen lunchbox with his Lightening McQueen sippy cup inside. Good grief.
Did I mention the little pond behind our house? Check out what this guy caught in it! I'm not a fisherman, but this thing is huge! What pond-dwelling animals eat large mouth bass? Because I do NOT want to run into that thing in Mosquito Lake. Even this big burly tattooed-arm guy is keeping Mr. Bass far far away from his body.
Um, my husband is holding the bass here, and he doesn't seem quite so wary of it.  So what do bass fish eat?  Burly youth ministers, perhaps?  It looks like it's about to swallow Brandon's hand and arm whole.  It's almost as big as Dane. Look how excited he was when we asked if he wanted to touch it.  Maybe he's a tad bit smarter than his daddy...


HisPrincess said...

Looks like a great day out!

Hi, I've just stumbled across your blog and loved your family posts!