Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Weekend #3

This weekend, we all piled into the van and headed for Dallas for another wedding.  My mom is traveling, and my sister Lindy and her fiance, Andy, are out of town at another wedding.

I bet they're wishing they had just stayed home.

Let me explain a little:  for reasons that are just to boring and long to explain, my sister, Andy, and their two cats (yes, you read that right) are all living at my parents' house right now.  They are getting married later on this year (Lindy and Andy, not the two cats), and probably moving out.  But we love coming in town and getting to see them, and the boys will be very confused on that day when we come and it's just Pappy and MoMo.

Not wanting her cats to starve over the weekend, my sister suggested that Dane and Aidan feed and water the cats while we are here.  (She also suggested that they scoop out the litter box, but let's face it.  That's not going to happen.)

Yesterday (Friday), Brandon put Dane down for a nap in Andy's room.  It's a quiet place, and a thousand times cleaner than Lindy's room, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.  When he got up, we explained to him that "Pappy is going to give you paper money if you feed the cats and make sure they have water."  We thought he would jump at the chance to have real paper money that he can fold and put in his pocket and take home and stick in his "treasure box" that sits on top of his dresser.

Dane replied, "I already got some money from Andy's room."

Fortunately, Andy has already bought the ring, so he hopefully didn't have this nightstand pocket change earmarked for anything important.

I walked Aidan and Dane through the "cat feeding process" this morning, and, satisfied that the food was appropriately in the food bowl, I went downstairs, leaving the boys with the kitty.  When I went back upstairs, there was no more food in the bowl.  Was the kitty exceptionally hungry this morning?  No.  The boys thought it would be appropriate to pick the cat food pieces up one by one and hand-feed the cats.  What the cats chose not to directly eat out of their grimy little hands was promptly thrown all over the floor throughout two rooms.  Except for the cat food that was in Aidan's mouth.  Disgusting.  That kid was sporting the worst breath I have ever smelled on a 2 year old.  He didn't just eat the cat food.  He ate the little crab-flavored cat treats.  Then drooled cat food drool all over his bare chest.  And kissed his mommy with cat food lips.

Dane also spent some time making a "worm house" outside.  My parents have approximately one kajillion worms and roly poly bugs in their yard, and Dane could have played all day outside.  We couldn't find Aidan's shorts at the time, so he just borrowed some of Lindy's.  (Hey, Lindy, sorry about the cat food drool on your green Abercrombie shorts.)  

My sister is just not a big person, but I had no idea that my 2 year old could one day be getting her hand me downs.  I think these shorts would have been too small on Dane, as he's got more meat on his bones than Aidan does.  And apparently my 24 year old sister.

I'm a little concerned that my ADULT sister's shorts do not even come down to his knees.

I'm not sure what this blue thing is on Aidan's arm.  It's either a cat toy of some sort or something for Lindy's hair.  Aidan thought it would make a great armband, and after seeing these pictures, I'm afraid I have to agree with him.

Brandon lost one of his contact lenses near the worm house a few hours before the wedding on Saturday, and could barely read his notes for the wedding.  He did great, though, and the bride and groom were successfully wed.  I just had to chauffer us around Dallas and back home this morning, which is a real bummer when you're used to being the spoiled passenger!


keri said...

Funny, I was thinking the same thing about the shorts. Another great wedding weekend! You always find the right words...