Monday, July 14, 2008

Go White Boy Go White Boy Go

The Rhythm got Dane.  And it got him good.  At the wedding last week, that child danced as long as the music played.  He and Wilson soon took off their shoes and realized that they could side around pretty far in their rented socks.  They would run and hit their knees and then slide across the dance floor on their knees.  About 30 times or so.
He comes by the dancing gene honestly:
Brandon's got him some soul.
He started to get tired towards the end, so he found a buddy to simply spin him in circles on his back until he stood up and fell over from dizziness.  Fun times.
(No, Aidan did not go to the wedding.  He had a babysitter.  I could not have handled both Aidan and the fussy ringbearer.)