Monday, July 28, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Brandon and I just got back in town after spending an eventful week with our high school youth group at Christ In Youth Move.  A great week and a GREAT group of kids.  God is doing big things with these kids.  I'm sorry.  Not kids.  Oh no no no.  High schoolers.  Practically adults if you ask them. 

Dane and Aidan spent the week in Boy Heaven.  Their week started off with 4 days of Cousin Camp with Cousin Joel, a slip-n-slide, and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  Then they went to Wilson's house for a couple of days, where Wilson keeps all of his big boy toys.  (Wilson is 5 and does not have a little brother.)  Here is the conversation Dane had with me:

Dane:  Wilson has all big boy toys at his house and all we have are baby toys.
Me:  What kind if big boy toys does Wilson have?
Dane:  You know, Spidermans, Superman stuff, Transformers and weapons.
Me:  I just got you Spiderman stuff, like, a couple of weeks ago.  And we have lots of weapons at our house.
Dane:  The only weapons we have are nun-chucks, Donatello stick, wooden swords, throwing stars, Leonardo sword, and our Kung Fu Panda spears.  Wilson has throwing spears.

Clearly I am depriving my child by not fully equipping him with throwing spears.

The boys finished off the week with a day with the lovely Miss Jenni, then Pappy and MoMo came to spoil them for a couple of days.  It will take another full week to get them re-acclimated to boring life with Mom and Dad.

Hope you had a great week as well!


John said...

I'll call CPS... your kids shouldn't have to put up with this horrible abuse.

Jana said...

Really??? No throwing spears???

Jenni Carnes said...

Excuse me, I think thats Mrs. Jenni... I've waited a long 2 and a half years to drop an "s" and add a punctuation mark! Your stories always make me smile, especially when I have a million things to do and I'm having trouble getting started!