Saturday, July 5, 2008

Okay Last Thailand Post I Promise

They don't let you leave Thailand without riding on an elephant.  That's one of the advantages Thailand has over the United States.  Elephants.  Because how fun does this look?  I'm sure somewhere in the several thousand Thailand pictures I have in my kitchen (several CDs and even an external hard drive sit on my kitchen counter just waiting for me to pick the best 50-100 pictures that represent the trip the best), I have a picture of Brandon on an elephant, but this will have to do for now.

Because I of course have better things to do with my time than go through several thousand pictures.  Like blog.  And rewatch last night's So You Think You Can Dance.  I am a very busy woman indeed.
I was slightly disappointed that they were not riding the elephants like horses.  You know, with a little saddle and stirrups and a rope to hang on to (I'm sure there's a technical term for that rope thing.)  These chairs look pretty comfy!  I bet the ancient Thai people didn't have cute little chairs to sit atop on the elephants.  I bet they had a rope.
While out riding on their elephant-chairs, the group came upon a gigantic snake in the road and took a moment to pick it up as a collective group and pose for a picture.  Except for Morgan.  Morgan is a smart girl.  

Okay, that's not really how it happened.
At times I wonder what paradise really looks like.  Some people say that places like Hawaii are the closest thing to paradise that we have on earth.  Well, they would be wrong.  Paradise has been found.  It is a casino in Burma.

So we can stop wondering.


Adrienne said...

Thanks for all the great Thailand stories and pictures...especially the elephant pictures! Awesome!