Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Healthy Dose of CRAZY

Last week Brandon, myself, and a bunch of high schoolers spent the week on a college campus in Carbondale, Illinois.  I'm standing in the elevator of the student center, minding my own bidness, when a man walks into the elevator.  He is middle age, with a beard, several layers of clothes on in July, and walking with a cane.  He hands me a flier and says, "We're having a picnic.  You should come."  He gets off the elevator at the next floor and I promptly shoved the random picnic flier into my bag, to be forgotten for the next couple of days.

I am going to reprint the flier for both of my readers, just in case you happen to be in southern Illinois next weekend.  You don't want to miss this:

This is an Open Invitation to all sentient beings.  And you are invited

interGalactic Friendship Picnic

Sunday, August 3 1-5 pm

Evergreen Park, Carbondale Illinois, U.S.A., Earth

Come and learn about the importance of friendship in The Galaxy, world, and Inter-Galactic Friendship Day, CELEBRATE it and share storys of your experiences during your travels, songs, and friendship throughout the galaxy, etc., share and ENJOY great cooking, adventures, fun stuff, and Friendship Day.

*BRING= POTLUCK food, beverages, own plastic eating stuff if you hate the plastic kind, friends, and fun stuff to share and enjoy.

The picnic is sponsored by the Galactic Order of Towelers.  A Toweler is anyone who knows where their towel is including interstelliar hitchhikers, galactic philosophers, towelers, Douglas Adams and sci-fi fans, mothers, and anyone else who knows where their towel is, including rainbows across inter natural boundaries of worlds.


I tell you what, I am never wearing my "Live Long and Prosper" shirt in public again.

And I am totally bringing Mars bars to that potluck.  Or maybe Moon Pies.  Starbursts?  

And I have been wanting to sit down with a real live galactic philosopher for eons now.  Perhaps this picnic would have been my golden opportunity.


John said...

Sadly, I actually understand the towel reference.

Jack S. said...

You were in Carbondale, IL and you didn't let your KY Cousins know?!?!?! Man I'm bummed! Don't know if we would have been able to make it up there, but we might have tried (key words in that comment are: might and tried). :)

Also were you there when that girl ran away for like 1/2 day and it make all of this local media news? That was so weird and a little sad.