Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Butty the Butterfly

Our family went to the art show at Dane and Aidan's school today, and saw all of the artwork the kids have been working on these last few weeks.  

One of Dane's pictures was of a butterfly, entitled "Butty" (pronounced "Buddy", not "Bootie").  When we got home, Dane dictated a story about Butty:

Once upon a time Butty the Butterfly went into the jungle and he saw a lion.  The lion ate Butty, but he was still alive in the lion's tummy.  When Butty was in the lion's tummy, it was not fun at all, because there were fox bones everywhere.  The lion spotted a tiger that was already dead and decided to eat the tiger, and Butty flew out of the lion's tummy when the lion opened his mouth.  And then Butty went to town, and everyone who saw him took pictures of him because they liked the colors of his wings.

The End.

Only one of my boys would look at a cute painting of a butterfly and come up with a story involving animal carnage.  And it reminds me of this moment.

But seriously.  Don't most butterfly stories involve some sort of cocoon?  Stories of the caterpillar emerging as a butterfly with beautiful colorful wings?  

Not dead tigers?


Anonymous said...

DUH!!! How clueless can one woman be???
The lion was Butty's cocoon. It was only when he came out of the lion did everyone see how pretty his wings were. But then everyone knows that colors are enhanced by fox bones.

Adrienne said...

Ha ha ha...aww, Dane-O...