Friday, May 8, 2009

Hog-liday Part 2

Tuesday the kids and I and John, Brandy, and Zane headed out to King's Orchard to pick about 15 pounds of strawberries between us.  I was a little concerned that pickins would be slim, since it's nearing the end of strawberry season here, but never fear.  We managed to find a couple of good ones.

Enough for John and Brandy to make some strawberry pancakes and the boys to bring some in their lunch boxes to school.  And for a few to begin fermentation process in my fridge.

Zane was a big fan of the strawberry patch and its little red wagons
And Aidan did what he always does when we go to pick strawberries:  Steals food.
Dane enjoyed posing for the camera with his haul.

Hey, Dane, you got a little strawberry juice on your face.  Just use your tongue to get it off...
Nope.  Missed it.  Your other left
Did I get it, Mom?
And yes, Dane did get, a,um, haircut.  More about the new 'do later.

And a 3/4 cousin picture:

Looking forward to more cousin fun tomorrow at Joel's birthday party!