Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

I'd love to tell you how eventful this past week has been, how much fun we have had and I have so much to catch up on.  But alas, it is not true.  I have spent much of this past week in a sleep deprived haze, cursing my sinuses and wondering why Harper has a new 3:30 am mealtime and contemplating how I can break her of this new habit. 

Oh, yeah.  And a certain someone graduated from pre-kindergarten.

We are so proud.  Dane has been bombarded by friends and loved ones alike regarding his plans for the fall and what he is going to major in once kindergarten starts.  We think we'll probably encourage him to get a job this summer, lest he decide to travel around Europe before school starts.

Apparently, we don't pay enough for their pre-school *cough* for them to afford gowns for graduation, only caps.

The ceremonial "switching of the tassels":
He graduated with a couple of life-long friends of his.  The year Dane was born, our church experienced a baby boom of sorts, with about 10 boys born in about a 4 month time span.  These 3 kiddos had this same picture taken about 5 years ago, after Baby Dedication.  
Aidan and Brandon were also at graduation, playing with the camera during the school's obligatory "mini sermon" that we get to listen to at every function:

The graduation was pretty much the highlight of our week, followed closely by our Thursday night antics, when Aidan vomited all over his entire bedroom in the middle of the night.  

Dear Hot Brandon,

Thank you very much for cleaning up Aidan vomit from his bed, pillow, throw pillow, multiple stuffed animals, blankies, mattress protector, sheets, comforter, pajamas, carpet, chair, and Aidan himself.  Thank you for doing laundry in the middle of the night and for giving Aidan a shower at midnight so that he wouldn't have to sleep with pizza puke in his hair.  I guess we'll just throw out the leftover pizza in the fridge, since I'm pretty sure none of us are ever eating Little Ceaser's ever again.

Love, Your Grateful Wife

Aidan on a healthier day earlier this week:
And, apparently I am not putting enough pictures in my blog of little Harper (the third child gets the shaft when it comes to pictures).  She's getting very cute and chubby and looking more and more like Dane every day.

Have a great holiday weekend!


lindy said...

Harper looks so prissy!!

Francie S. said...

What a sassy little girl you have! I love it!

Izzy, Valerie and Joel said...

I love that onesie! I'm so glad it fit her since I bought it like a month before I was able to give it to her. Love her leggings although the chubby thighs are exceptionally cute! Go Dane with your graduating self! Go Aidan with your expert puking!