Tuesday, May 5, 2009


...and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Love, Senorita Harper and her brothers

P.S.  Thanks for the dress, Aunt Lindy


Anonymous said...

Muy bonita!

:) Sheila

Francie S. said...

Hope you are having fun with your Three Amigos on Cinco de Mayo this year! Maybe you can make a pile out of the plethora of giant bows you have for Harper and the kids can jump in them like leaves in the fall. :) (Sorry for the 80's movie reference, but whenever I talk about Three Amigos, I have to find a way to use the word "plethora.")

The Driskells said...


lindy said...

Yay!! It looks so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Did you just happen to have those socks? Or did Aunt Lindy bring those too. You could get GG and Harper to pose in their matching dresses.